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BURN Candles Consciously 


WHY Choose Burnt


WE Care for you and your family

At Burnt Brilliance we only use high quality and safe ingredients. Soy wax is the main ingredient to our candles as it is a natural wax derived from soybeans and is environmentally sustainable. Other candles are created with waxes derived from petroleum which does not burn cleanly and can release toxins into the air. Additionally, we only use hemp wicks which burn clean and do not admit toxins into your home.  We pride our selves on using safe fragrance oils that do not contain any  ingredients linked to causing cancer, we use 100% natural essential oils whenever possible.  

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Featured seasonal candle 

This month we are featuring our Staycation candle, which is the ultimate Spring/Summer fragrance.This candle features Bamboo and Coconut fragrances will take you to another place in your own home. Create your own personal island with this tropical candle. 

You are brilliant 

Our mission at Burnt Brilliance is to inspire our customers to embrace their inner brilliance while indulging in a luxury home experience. We have named all of our Signature candles after positive traits that we know our buyers possess or look to attain. Allow yourself to get lost our fragrant scents as you channel you inner brilliance.  



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